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It's extremely important to operate in the now... Not in the yesterday, not in the tomorrow, but in the now. Where does your mind travel when you're busy? When you wish you were doing something else, or wishing you were in another place. Where does your mind travel whe...

This post is about exposure definition, exposure meaning, what does exposed mean, another word for exposure, definition of exposure, and, what is exposure.

Do you have questions about if you're an, affiliate, maybe, affiliated person? Are you part of an affiliated company, affiliated group, or, affiliate network?

I'm going to go in a little bit, and break down a few of these topics, I'll also provide links to other posts...

Advertisement, anyone?

This post will be short, sweet, and to the point.

An advertisement is something that is displayed, exhibited, demonstrated or presented to the general public to assist in the selling of a product or service. Advertisements are usually paid announc...

I'm going to be covering accumulation unit, annuity unit, unit trust, key players, open-ended, bid off spread, and, equity unit investment trust

Let's start with accumulation unit. It's simply a measurement used in accounting to determine the value invested; this inte...

Let's talk: accumulation stage, better known as, accumulation period, or even, accumulation phase

What do you know about accumulating funds? 

You've heard of annuities right? Well there's a time period when an "investor" makes contributions, better yet, invests into...

Advisor, Coach, Consultant, Mentor, Advisor meaning, meaning of advisor, definition of advisor, advisor and adviser

There's a certain art to being irreplaceable. How is that possible when people constantly remind you that they CAN, in fact, replace you? Well, although they can replace your absence, they can never replace what you bring to the table. For as long as you bring value, y...

That's my best friend... These are my good friends... Yea, I know her... Who does he think he is?

This is the basic breakdown of how we associate with people. We are either really close, or we're acquainted. We even act like this in our love lives, "I love her!" or... I...

Where are you in life? You might be on the top, but let's take a step down and travel back in time.

In my dark times... I haven't been able to keep up with payments, couldn't keep a steady relationship, and couldn't keep my hands off the addiction. I'll keep in unspeci...

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