Success 365

This Section Has Been Created Especially For The Purpose Of Documenting My Year Of Changes. I am Robert Munteanu.

Oct 31

It’s amazing when things go according to plan, isn’t it? The past few days had me feeling like I was on pins and needles constantly. Late yesterday (Oct. 30), I received a message that made up for all
Oct 21

Oct. 21, 2019 This is my first time blogging, so bear with me. Who am I? I would like to say I’ve had a very adventurous life so far. I was born in Romania and left my home country for Canada when I
Oct 27

It has been a few days since my last blog, but I do not want to rush this as I am documenting my process and the changes that I will be undergoing throughout the next year. In life, one of the most im
Oct 23

​Money, what is it good for? For most people it’s a way out, a way to escape, a way to get a new life, but for me it is a tool. I have seen many people change for the worst once they come into some mo
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