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OCt. 15, 2020 the one year that changed my life

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Oct. 21, 2019

This is my first time blogging, so bear with me.

Who am I?

I would like to say I’ve had a very adventurous life so far. I was born in Romania and left my home country for Canada when I was ten years old. I have lived in 7 different cities while in Canada, and I don’t know how many cars I’ve had, I’m always in search of something that I can’t find.

Fast forward 20 years and I find myself back in my home country of Romania. It was supposed to be a 2-week trip here, but I decided to stay indefinitely. I now have a beautiful girlfriend (soon to be wife) and the best dog a man could ask for. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.

Why did I choose the date of Oct. 15, 2020?

It is exactly one year since the moment I knew that my life was going to change. I'm not talking about a temporary change, like moving to a better place or getting a new vehicle, I'm talking about a major change.

I have always been an entrepreneur in every sense of the word. Whether it was trying to get something for nothing or trading up for certain things like cars. My humble beginnings had a lot to do with it, I believe. I'm blessed to have a never-ending hunger to do better to get more, to make myself better in every way possible.

Up until this point I have tried all kinds of different business ideas and all of them have failed, but my persistence to win only got stronger and stronger. I have come to peace with my failed ventures and learned a lot along the way. In fact, I don’t look at them as failures, just something to look back on and learn from it for next time.

In a years’ time from now I will be looking at this first article and saying to myself: “I told you that you can do it!”

Of course, all this couldn’t have been done without the help of my partner and mentor, Mr. Avidon M. Respes. I was looking for investors for this opportunity and had no such luck. I almost gave up until one day, while surfing a forum, I replied to someone’s post about not being able to find investors and Avidon made himself seen.

We instantly hit it off, and the one thing that stood out about him was that he had the same hunger I did, but on a whole other level. Not only did we have a lot of similarities about our professional aspirations, but also on the personal side.

We feed off each other and he had put a lot of trust in me which in turn has made me more confident in the fact that I know this is now possible.

I don’t want to give out what we are working on yet as it is still in the works but all I can say is that it's going to be big. First, we take over Romania, then the US and then who knows.

We are planning to build an empire. I want my children’s children to never have to worry about money. I know this won’t be easy but I am ready and excited for the upcoming challenges that are coming in the future. That is also one of the reasons I wanted to document my journey for this next year.

My hope is that someone might get inspired from this. If just one person changes his or her life due to this blog, then I’ve done my job.

New Posts
  • It’s amazing when things go according to plan, isn’t it? The past few days had me feeling like I was on pins and needles constantly. Late yesterday (Oct. 30), I received a message that made up for all the stress and anxiety I have been feeling over the last while. What was that message? Avidon and I have been accepted as the authorized distributor for Romania. This is truly a life-changing moment for myself. When you have a plan, a vision, a feeling, you must pursue it to your fullest potential. I could have not gotten this far through the process without my mentor and friend, Avidon M. Respes. I believe that there are few people left in this world that are willing to give someone a chance purely because they believe in them. Although we have not met in person yet, Avidon and myself have become good friends. It was through his mindset and motivation that I have been able to push myself further and go for the gold. Although this is only the first step in a long journey, I believe that there is no stopping me from here on out. I have dreamed for such an opportunity for many, many days. Now it's time to take control and make this happen. So, what’s the next step? Now that our business plan has been approved, Avidon has taken it upon himself to find investors so that in one month from now when we arrive in Turkey, we will be able to finalize the contracts. Once his part is done, that’s when the real work starts for me. I have many plans already made in my head but as we all know, what works in theory might not be the best idea in real life. That’s fine, I am ready to face these challenges head on and adjust as needed. In preparation to this I am also trying to prepare myself mentally as well as physically. In the past few weeks I have started to get up earlier, even though my full-time job finishes at 1am. That is the sacrifice I need to make. No one likes to get out of that comfy, warm bed when you don’t have to, but if you procrastinate, you will never accomplish anything in life. Another change that I have been striving for is changing my diet. No more sugary drinks and no more fast food. I have noticed that right after eating a high fat, high sugar meal all you want to do is take a nap. I changed that by doing more cooking at home. In my younger days I was a chef and I am using that to my advantage now. The last and most important change I have made is to get rid of negativity in my life. Whether that is negative people, negative thoughts or anything along those lines. That all must go. Nobody needs that in their life, it does not benefit you in any way, shape or form
  • It has been a few days since my last blog, but I do not want to rush this as I am documenting my process and the changes that I will be undergoing throughout the next year. In life, one of the most important skills is having patience. Never jump the gun just for the sake of getting things done, it never works out. Now, let’s get on with this blog. On the business side of things, myself and my partner Avidon have submitted all the required documents as well as our plans for the business here in Romania. The next step is that the board of directors will have a look into our file and give us the green light. We have also been brainstorming some possible ideas on marketing, sales and different growth opportunities. You must explore every avenue in order to find the best possible option for you and your business. There are no rules to this, so you have to find what works for you. In about 3 days we should receive their answer and then we will proceed with getting flights booked for Avi to come here and for our trip to Turkey. In short, things are happening. Since this business is based in the automotive industry, I am planning to go full steam ahead with a marketing campaign when the car show season starts next year. Until then, I will do all I can do to get as much exposure as we can. Word of mouth is everything in Romania. In the last few days I have been thinking a lot about how I’m going to manage all this newfound success once it comes. I have promised myself that I will remain humble and not let the money transform me into someone that doesn’t remember where he came from. I have gone as far as even telling my girlfriend and my mentor Avidon to bring me back to reality if I get out of hand. As a passionate car enthusiast, I have made some very impulsive purchases over the years when that money could have been used for more important things. That was quite a few years ago and I’d like to think that I have matured enough to control those urges, but it’s always good to have someone watching your back. You can’t let money or success change who you are. Things must happen naturally and again, do not rush things. However, when you see an opportunity, jump on it, make it yours! As much as would like to work 24/7 like a mad man, I constantly remind myself that I need to take a second and smell the roses. Rest is very important if you want to be as efficient and productive as possible. I have always found that you must have a healthy work/life balance. There must be a balance in everything you do. Without balance, you got nothing.
  • ​Money, what is it good for? For most people it’s a way out, a way to escape, a way to get a new life, but for me it is a tool. I have seen many people change for the worst once they come into some money. You are not better than everyone because you have more money. You are just as vulnerable as everyone else. Money does not keep you healthy. Money doesn’t protect you in case of an accident. It can be used to do an unbelievable amount of good if you are not selfish and that is exactly what my plans are once we become profitable, which by the way, won’t take long. With the incredible business plan that my partner Avidon has put together, we will make the investors’ money back in no time. We try to be 3 steps ahead all the time. Predict the future if you will. We all know that seeing into the future is all make believe but if you make some very well thought out moves you will get close. ​The last 2 days have been a roller coaster of emotions and sleepless nights, but I am one hundred percent certain that it is the right move. Avidon really blew me away and reinforced my thought that he is the right person to partner up with. I gave him a few bits and pieces of information about Romania and the market we are trying to break into, and he made a business plan that made me want to go ahead and choose us on the spot! You must make sacrifices in order to achieve what you want. Nothing good has ever come easily. Besides working on getting this business off the ground, I also have a full-time job and am a freelance writer and editor from time to time. And to spice things up, I also try to maintain a healthy personal life. Life is all about balance and the one thing I fully believe in is that you need a good balance of work and play. You can blend those two into one if you absolutely love and believe in what you do. There can’t be a single doubt, or that won’t work. You can add in some play time while you’re at work. Go check out that new restaurant you’ve always wanted to always eat at if you are in the area. When going to a new city on business, take your significant other with you and stay the weekend, giving yourself a mini vacation. Once we move on to the next step in this venture, I am planning to dedicate myself full-time to the business. I must become, the marketing director, the service manager, the secretary, the bookkeeper and so on. So far, everything is going in the right direction. I sometimes do however wish that things would move a little faster, but that’s how stuff gets overlooked and mistakes are made. Remember, good things take time. For now, the first step is done. We have submitted our proposal to the company’s board of directors and are waiting to hear back from them. After we get the good news (always think positive that good things will happen) that we have been selected to be the sole distributors for Romania, the next step is that we will get called down to Turkey for a few days to attend the technical orientation program and sign some contracts. This is another good example of work and play. What I want the reader to take from this blog is that whatever you do in life, do it with all your heart and passion. There is no point in half-assing it because you are just wasting your time, and time is money.
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