Fighting Homelessness Across America

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Fighting Homelessness Across America

Our team has invested time with the people and leaders of the integral communities throughout Southern New Jersey in order to help publicize the exploitations taking place every day right in front of our eyes. 

Corruption, although mentioned, goes unpunished...


The awful consequences are always left to the people to pay for.

We are held for ransom.

The following videos are presented from the perspective of one living within the current dishonorable, unprincipled, and ill-intentioned governmental regime we call "Democracy". 

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Fighting Homelessness Across America

A strong majority of powers in the government have given themselves over to special interest groups leading to the destruction of the "American Way of Life".

Law-abiding citizens are being schemed out of their voting rights, tax dollars, and housing privileges. 

The hardworking middle-class and the growing poverty class are being herded into specified agendas that are profiting the controlling elites. 


The Councilmembers, the Mayors, the Governors, the Senators... Each and every one of them have made decisions on the account of financial moguls seeking to fulfill their global capitalistic agenda. 

It is in the best interest of us, the people, that the true story be told through a media outlet that holds no political bias or affiliation. 

We stand with the people and for the people, one nation under God.

- BRIODS Corporation Of America

Fighting Homelessness Across America

Our hearts led us to take interest in the current events that are by-passing the community awareness. 

The egregious scandals that are robbing our communities blind need to stop.

We realize that everyone isn't in the position to be on the frontlines, nevertheless, the desire to be of assistance is there. 

You can do your part by giving a contribution to our organization, and help us get more coverage for you to have the right information.

Contributions made are also going to Fight Homelessness Across America, where we are allocating proportionate amounts to purchasing properties and residences to house those unable to directly afford a place to live.

This document gives a brief introduction to our F.H.A.A plan of operations.