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Jiggy WOods

Jiggy Woods
on YouTube


A lot of artists start out on SoundCloud and resort to solely releasing some YouTube music, but in order to be professional and taken serious, you have to actually invest... 


You have to put your money where your mouth is, and really get skin in the game.


Jiggy Woods is a remarkable performing artist with roots that run deep within the Southern New Jersey area.


Many of those that support and listen to Jiggy Woods accredit him for having a distinct selection of music that he synergizes with his vocals and lyrics.


The very precise and fine mixture of musical flows presented in his works offer a timeless feel that is able to captivate a wide audience within key genres of people. 

Jiggy Woods is seen as "The Emperor" with his keen sense of intuitive appeal displayed across his vast archive of melodic productions.  

Current Most Popular Songs: “All 2021”, “Me Nd Yu”, “Platinum (feat. EBK)”

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