Feb 3, 2018

Here and Now


Edited: Feb 3, 2018

It's extremely important to operate in the now... Not in the yesterday, not in the tomorrow, but in the now. Where does your mind travel when you're busy? When you wish you were doing something else, or wishing you were in another place. Where does your mind travel when you're not preoccupied? Where is your mind when you're reading these words?

The whole point of this is to bring you away from your should've, could've, would'ves and into the place that you are right now. Yes, you want to be somewhere else six months, a year, five years from now... Yet, the things that will get you there are the things you're operating in here and now.

I'm not saying for you to be stuck in this current space, I want you to simply realize that those things ahead of you will not be accomplished until you do the things handed to you presently. The things that have already happened should no longer be hindering you from moving into the next level of your life.

The things that have happened are for you to learn, grow, and stretch into a new reality. They're to build your mindset to manage what's taking place in your life currently. How do you expect to lead if you've never had to follow first? How can you teach someone about the desert, unless you've overcome it?

There's a huge difference between a travel agent and a tour guide

What about the things you're going through now? 

It's hard to see what's coming and where you're going when you're sailing through the storm. Distractions caused by the waves, winds, clouds, and crew members make it difficult to focus on the expected end.

Thoughts of failure, thoughts of going back and trying again when things settle. Thoughts that maybe you've chosen the wrong team, and thoughts that the water in the boat will be your demise. Whatever worries and concerns you have, have nothing to do with if you're actually going to make it or not...

Unless you go back.

The wind, the waves, the wailing of your sailors all have one major thing in common: they do not determine your success. They're merely obstacles to see if you have what it takes to be long-suffering. They're challenges to test your patience, drive, vision, and gratitude for even having the opportunity.

Often we don't arrive where we want because we don't express gratitude for the path.

These are simple concepts to grasp the moment you realize that you're being strengthen and equipped NOW, for what's going to come later. I know, it's a crazy idea right? Who in their right mind prepares before taking the next step?

Does an officer count the cost before going into war? Does he analyze if he can win with less numbers and with a better strategy, or should he send a peace agreement?

Does an architect count the cost before establishing the build? If you've answered yes to these questions, then why aren't you embracing the step to being prepared now for the latter end?

What's happening now is your preparation. You need to be prepared to become the better you, or else you'd be there already. Enjoy the process, the time frame depends on your eagerness to develop and be established in your ways. A Rolls Royce (car) takes six months to build, but a Toyota takes thirteen hours. Are you a Rolls Royce or a Toyota? 

Do you think it'll be easy for you, knowing how big your goals and dreams are? Is it fair for things to be easy when you have such huge aspirations? In a perfect world we could both say, why can't it be easy? We both know that the victory is much sweeter when you can give a nice, juicy, back story as to how you defeated all odds. You've heard, "From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked."

If you don't want the responsibility or the charge to get things done, quit already and let someone else take the wheel... At least you'll be able to say you still made it while sitting in the backseat (if you're even there). 

The sad reality is that most people have either purchased tickets to their personal Superbowl but haven't prepared to get there, OR they haven't taken the time to watch themselves in order to decide whether they'll be in the game or not...

Don't let this be you.

Watch yourself with the same intensity that you watch others. Be your number one fan. Make the choice now that you're going to get to the "life playoffs", make it to the Superbowl, and win the trophy and receive your ring.

The things you're going through now will either support your claim to fame, or reveal that you should switch gears and try more... Reflect. Reflect on your life, reflect on your choices, take the necessary steps in order to promote your success. You're worth it. 

Your current reality isn't permanent unless you allow it to be. There is much more in store for you no matter where you are in life. Believe in the impossible, have faith, and watch things become possible.

Impossible discreetly spells I'm possible... You just have to want it bad enough.

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