Oct 28

Living Higher


I wrote a whole blog post... It got deleted.


This is round 2.


It's 9:01 am on a Monday morning, and I feel even more inspired this time around than the first.



I want to remind you to keep it simple.

In another hour or so, my team and I are going to be shooting a music video for an upcoming single produced by Jiggy Woods called "Tip Off".


This video comes after the August release of "The Process"


We are very excited about this next video, and it seems as if this will be the best one yet. We are going to use a variety of techniques to deliver a highly dynamic video that will be both visually engaging and vocally active for the senses.


I'll try to go live during the shoot, but I can't promise that I'll have the opportunity.


Look forward for the next video, and remember, keep it simple... Don't dwell on the rest of the week, the rest of the month, or the rest of the year, because over the past couple months my team and I have sold over 90 shirts, with more orders growing, we've released a book, and a new musical EP is being released soon.


Exciting times ahead, and more that I haven't even been able to share yet.


Stay tuned.




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New Posts
  • When you experience the phenomenon of progress through your continued actions, you notice how it changes you as a person. It is October 23rd, 2019... About 12:32 in the afternoon and I have decided to take a moment and write another blog post. If I can be honest, I feel slightly uneasy that I didn't find the time to write yesterday, but let me tell you what happened. First off, this year has been incredible... If I could sum up this year into one phrase, I would say "productivity & progress". Yesterday, October 22nd, was my mother's birthday. Right from the start of my day, it wasn't mine. I had to get up early to make sure that Jiggy and I got my mother the best birthday cards ever... I picked a good one up, but then found one that was even better, so I took both. Then upon arriving home, after light birthday celebrations, my lovely mother requested a simple birthday breakfast since she had already eaten a little before we got back. She enjoys my cooking and it's her day, so I made her the best scrambled eggs with cheese ever. I finally get a moment to sit at my computer, and as I type in the security pin... Everything comes to mind: I have a business proposal to submit, I have a cover art to create, I have 2 contracts to read over and sign, I have a press conference with the Governor of New Jersey and Camden Leaders at 4 pm, I have promo videos to produce, I have power point presentations to create/finish, I have to contact more potential investors, I need to find more potential clients, I have to organize my laptop, and the list goes on.... What will I do first? I focus on productivity and progress. Yes, this list of obligations is never ending, and I surely can't do it all, but what I can do, are the things that will give me the most productivity and progress. I have a formula for how I balance these opportunities because often, one will appear better, but in actuality won't get you far. Why did I decide to focus on productivity and progress? -- Have you ever been busy? To the point that you just want to lay around all day because it's somehow become this weighty issue... Well, the problem is that being busy doesn't always mean that you're being valuable. We work for value, not for the sake of working... If your work isn't bringing productivity and progress into your life, then you need to reconsider your life path. There is a way to have your cake and eat it too... If you want it bad enough, you'll figure it out. Maybe you'll have to bake 2 cakes, or someone can bring you a cake, or you don't eat it all.... Either way, eventually the cake will spoil, and then you'll need another cake regardless. Productivity & Progress. -- If you've enjoyed this blog, check out my book! 25 Ways To Make Your Goals and Dreams Come True - Get A Copy Here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07YQD84DH Check out the other articles floating around this blog, maybe you'll want to become a part too. Great success, Avidon M. Respes
  • So, I have this technique that I use in order to help me better understand, believe, see, and realize that I am, in fact, AT THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME. With all the unlimited piles of opportunities thrown across my desk, it gets pretty tricky figuring out which ones are worth it, and which ones are not... Or even if things feel absolutely right, I always look for a sign of confirmation. Today... October 21st, 2019, I have seen a record breaking 14 Maserati's, a BMW i8, and a Bentley Bentayga... I think I even saw a Maybach, but don't quote me. "Nice cars Avidon, but who cares?"... Let me tell you why this is important to me. I AM A CAR FANATIC... I LOVE CARS, and my list of dream cars goes on forever. I've always had a love for cars, to the point that when I was a very little child, I tried to convince my parents on purchasing a new Lamborghini Diablo when they were still "hip".... Needless to say, my dream didn't come true, but I never lost hope... "One day I'll have my own Lamborghini." This year I have never felt so close to actually accomplishing this goal. I feel as if these cars are a sort of magnet for other good things to be attracted into your life; better people, better opportunities, better experiences all together. Imagine watching $250,000 dollars pass by your eyes. A tangible $250,000 dollars right smack in front of you. Now think about this... That person cruising around behind that cool $250,000 has the same time in the day as you, but they just choose to live differently. It's that simple. They choose to attract better into their lives, and that's why they live on a higher frequency than 99.9% of everyone else. How does this work for me? If I can attract these cars into my path on an almost daily basis, then I can attract the means to actually attaining them. Part 2 in this, everything happens for a reason, and if I'm meditating on my success, suddenly, a wild Maserati crosses my path... I'm kind of forced to think that everything is in alignment. Call me naive, or uber spiritualistic, but it works for me and I enjoy waiting to see what car will cross my path next. I plan to buy a Maserati for my next car, but these other foreign ones are nice too. Thank you for reading, make sure to check out the other articles written within this Forum space, feel free to connect with our team, and some members too! I look forward to you joining us on this journey to success. - Avidon M. Respes By the way, I wrote my first book which you can get here: 25 Ways To Make Your Goals and Dreams Come True - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07YQD84DH Let me know how it helps you.
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