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This incredibly impactful book on success, is a great read with a direct plan of action.


The Director of Business Development, Avidon M. Respes, reveals and recites his 25 Ways To Make Your Goals and Dreams Come True.


Avidon M. Respes has been awarded certifications of completion in Marketing and Corporate Finance from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania; which is the business school of the University of Pennsylvania, and also a certification of completion in Personal Branding from the University of Virginia.


About 10 years ago Avidon moved to Israel and learned how to overcome the obstacles of drastic change. He was enlisted into the Israeli military as an army commander, being then promoted to manage the solitery confiment unit. After receiving an honorable discharge for exemplary service, Avidon returned to the United States to pursue his heartfelt business endeavors.


 Through all of his wins and losses, Avidon is offering the wisdom it takes to do your best to succeed in life. 


Grab your copy and start making your goals and dreams come true today!

25 Ways To Make Your Goals and Dreams Come True // First Edition // E-Book

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